Meet the team behind the Kol-mi2

Our history

Emilie Vormès, an audiologist at Avicenne Hospital, in the ENT department of Professor Frachet, was entrusted in 2005 with a mission to observe the conditions in which disabled patients are cared for. The idea for Kol-mi2 was born from her exchanges with her patients, to alleviate the additional stress of the waiting room. Technological advances made it possible to create this simple and effective tool in 2020.

Professor Bruno Frachet, an otologist, supports this project, just as he has always supported all innovations that can make life easier for consultants. To carry out this project, which can benefit everyone, required the inventiveness and technical skills of Claude Maidemberg and his accomplice Philippe Duong. Solicited for her interest in ethical causes, Galadriel Goldberg-Vormès completed the team to give a visual identity to Kol-mi2.

Emilie Vormès

Was a speech and language therapist in ENT service from 1982 to 2019. She participated in the development of rehabilitation methods for deaf cochlear implant wearers. Integrated in the Handicap Mission of the APHP as a resource- person for deafnesses in 2005, she has, during meetings with professionals and patient-experts, extended her skills to the reception of people with any type of sensory disability. She continues to teach medical and paramedical staff in initial and continuing training on good practices for the reception of people with sensory disabilities, Kol-mi2 is one of the projects she is carrying out to make life easier for people whose daily life is still too often a journey full of pitfalls.

Bruno Frachet

was a professor at the University of Paris XIII and ENT of the Paris hospitals. Otologic surgeon, he was one of the pioneers in France of cochlear implantation for adults. The compensation of deafness has therefore always been his field of predilection. Always eager to support technological innovations that can make life easier for people with disabilities, he now has a consulting activity in the field of novelties. He immediately joined the Kolmi development project, not only for people with disabilities, but also to simply avoid unnecessary stress for many people in waiting rooms.

Claude Maidemberg & Philippe Duong

Specialist in R&D since 1980, at the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (natural language translation systems, cryptography), responsible for the European Strategy of the NEC Group, entrepreneur to develop its solutions and products, holder of innovation patents, technical manager for Kol-mi2. He works with his friend and accomplice Philippe Duong (technical design, production, quality).


A graphic designer specializing in ethical and associative projects, Galadriel was immediately seduced when he was presented with the project. She created the visual identity, the website and the design of Kol-mi2 so that the visuals would be as functional and aesthetic as the object itself. And since “anything that makes life easier for people with disabilities also benefits the majority”, Kol-mi2 is available to all audiences.