For anyone who is concerned about the prospect of a waiting room in government and health care facilities.

People with hearing disabilities who are worried about not hearing the call of their name.

Visually impaired people who cannot see their caller calling them.

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have difficulty with loud voices.

People simply concerned about their anonymity.

People who want to be able to concentrate on a task without being on the alert.

We have created the Kol-mi2

A simple, personal, inexpensive, easy to use object.

Autonomous, does not require any layout of the reception structure.

Customizable by a sponsor.

The object 

An issuer to be filed with the intake officer, who may attach it to a file. A call button on the transmitter.

A receiver that vibrates in its owner’s pocket when the call button is pressed.

An HF link between the 2 parts, which works anywhere.

Thank you and see you soon!

For further information, download the PDF below or contact us.